Lego Marvel Super Heroes pre-order bonuses detailed

TT Games and Warner Bros also detailed the pre-order bonuses for Lego Marvel Super Heroes today, capturing the combination of Legos and classic comic characters. These came alongside a new trailer that showed a handful of the already-announced heroes confronted with Galactus.

Pre-ordering at Walmart will get you an Iron Patriot mini-fig upon release of the game. For those not versed in Marvel, Iron Patriot is an Iron Man armor, repainted to look like the Fourth of July. It's most famous in the comics for being worn by Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn (aka Green Goblin), but it also features prominently in the upcoming movie Iron Man 3, as worn by James "Rhodey" Rhodes (aka War Machine). GameStop pre-orders get a Spider-Man keychain, and Power Up members also receive a PS3/360 DLC pack. Amazon pre-orders get a $10 games credit on their account.

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