Torment: Tides of Numenera hits final stretch goal

inXile Entertainment set a Kickstarter record by raising $4,188,927 for Torment: Tides of Numera, but the crowdfunding continued elsewhere once that wound up. See, the developer was hoping to reach $4.5 million and fund its very final stretch goal, adding strongholds for players to call home. As you may have guessed from, you know, how I wrote all this, it's done just that.

inXile gave itself until the end of April to reach $4.5 million, but pledges were trickling in too slowly. Thankfully, line producer Thomas Beekers explained, far fewer pledges were dropped or failed to process than it had expected, so money set aside to cover those could go towards strongholds.

Not just strongholds, mind, as that goal also covered the vaguer ideas of "expanded reactivity, length and depth," and "pursuing some of our crazier ideas concerning choice and consequence."

As for what strongholds actually are, inXile recently explained a little more:

It would be a location in the game that is 'owned' by the PC, but won't be a cozy home - it would be designed to fit the atmosphere of Torment and the setting of the Ninth World of Numenera (examples include an airship or a dimensional pocket). It would be a playable area and would include its own sorts of quests and challenges. We don't intend for the stronghold to be a management mini-game, but it may serve gameplay functions as a storehouse, travel hub, and/or 'museum' for accomplishments.

As April isn't quite over yet, you can still pledge to scoop backer rewards. Torment is expected to launch for PC, Mac and Linux in the first half of 2015.