World of Darkness team lays out 2013 goals

CCP kicked off EVE Fanfest 2013 last week, which means it must be time for our annual checkup with the vampiric MMO World of Darkness. The company took some time to explain the team's current projects and its development goals for the rest of the year.

Massively reports that 70 people are working on World of Darkness. In 2013, it plans to work on web-based social tools and clothing systems, as well as in-game environments. It also said that players will be able to create items, but direct crafting isn't part of the current plans. Videos also showed tools it will use to iterate on urban environments quickly, to speed along development. The game is currently still in pre-production.

It's not much detail, but it's more than we had at last year's fanfest, so CCP is slowly but surely building up the game. It's still in pre-production, and development has been inching away since 2011 when CCP reduced the team to focus its efforts on EVE Online.