Injustice gets attitude with Lobo on May 7

The arms race for cruder, more violent, and more 'extreme' characters in the '90s may be long over, but the weapons from these old wars have stuck around. Every now and then they'll pop in to be rad and remind us that we live in less gnarly times. That's what Lobo will be up to on May 7, swinging by Injustice: Gods Among US to swing chains, ride a space-motorbike, and gesticulate impolitely with his middle finger.

A trailer showing Lobo beating up Batman dropped over the weekend, then developer NetherRealm's head honcho Ed Boon said on Twitter (via Joystiq) that he's due May 7.

Lobo is the first DLC character for the DC Comics fighting game, and included in the $15 DLC season pass with another three pugilists.

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