Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rewards mapmakers with 'Operation Payback'

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is introducing a new community program today, aimed at rewarding the community's best mapmakers. It kicks off today with "Operation Payback," a collection of seven top-voted community maps that will be promoted through July 31.

The Payback maps will be playable on official servers after purchasing a pass, and money will go towards the mapmakers themselves. The pass also grants you an exclusive, upgradable challenge coin that you can put on your profile. It's available now through the Operation Payback site, for $2.99. That's a temporary 50% discount off its standard price, so presumably it will go up to $5.99 sometime soon. The announcement didn't detail how the money will be doled out to the creators.

This first pack includes the maps Museum, Downtown, Thunder, Favela, Motel, Seaside, and Library. Valve calls this the first in a series, so after July 31, a new set of maps will probably roll in to reward their creators as well.