Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a free-to-play sequel for iOS

Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn Attack, an endless runner created in an era where "endless runner" wasn't even a term, is coming back. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is very real and very free-to-play. It's available now in New Zealand, and should be available on the US App Store in a day or so.

While it appears the rainbow-colored gameplay of the original remains the same, the sequel adds new customization options designed to steal your hard-earned dollars. You'll be able to buy new items for your unicorn to equip using metallic tears you collect in the game. If "playing the game a lot" isn't a strategy you want to employ, you'll be able to buy tear-doublers and tear packs.

The parts you can acquire are also gated by level, meaning you'll have to complete challenges and earn stars in order to unlock the ability to purchase new add-ons. The challenges should add a wrinkle to an otherwise-straightforward genre.

In addition to the new free-to-play model, the sequel features different music. According to Touch Arcade, "Erasure" is not included in the game. Instead, Module's "Land of Rainbows" is. If you want to listen to "Erasure," you'll need to pony up a dollar. (See what we did there?)