Strike Suit score 'em up spin-off Infinity blasts out next week

If you liked the general idea of mecha space shooter Strike Suit Zero but truthfully just wanted to fly around and blow things up as a space-robot, good news! Developer Born Ready Games today announced a standalone wave-based score 'em spin-off named Strike Suit Infinity, coming to PC next week for $6.99. It sounds like your typical wave-based high-scoring shooter, with multipliers to chase and online leaderboards and all that jazz, but there's a little extra on top. Between waves, pilots can buy ships to reinforce them and help out, so you still get big fun dogfights. Strike Suit Infinity will launch on Tuesday, April 30. Born Read also promises it will "shortly" say more about Zero's DLC mission pack 'Heroes of the Fleet.'

Pew! Pew pew!