Surgeon Simulator 2013 begins operating today

Combine the eerie hand of Jurassic Park: Trespasser with the Trauma Center and a wacky modern physics engine, and you may end up with something like Surgeon Simulator 2013. The maim 'em up which began life at a game jam is out today on PC, letting you operate on unsuspecting patients in gruesome ways and fling sharp objects all over the place.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 has you performing operations from heart surgery to brain transplants, both in operating theaters and in the back of an ambulance. An ambulance whose doors you can open. Doors you can toss organs out of. Sure, you do have a full spread of surgical instruments, but a truly great surgeon can improvise. Oh, and you need to juggle a ludicrous number of keys and buttons to control your hand and fingers.

It's out on Steam now with a 30% discount that brings the normal $9.99 price down to $6.99.

Bossa Studios created the game in 48 hours at a game jam earlier this year. People were so enamored with cracking a heart transplant patient's ribs open using a radio that the developer has turned it into a full game, this time taking 48 days. You can still play that game jam game.