Firefall launches open beta on July 9

Free-to-play jetpacking MMOFPS Firefall will enter open beta on July 9, developer Red 5 Studios announced today. It'll essentially be in a launch-ish state, with the in-game item store live and everything, but Red 5 wants more feedback and to give the servers a good testing before officially going live.

"Closed Beta testing is nearing completion now that Firefall's core systems and server technology are established," an FAQ explains. "Open Beta will allow Red 5 to expand Firefall's servers and test upcoming content with a larger audience for broader feedback and heavier load on our infrastructure."

If you suddenly decide you can't wait eleven weeks to play Firefall, you can still buy founder's access for instant closed beta access and a bag of in-game currency.

Here's a recent trailer with questionable use of quotes from real wartime political speeches: