Fez sells 200,000 in first year

Fez has just turned one year old, and it's celebrating with 200,000 candles. Creator Phil Fish revealed that the game sold that many copies on Xbox Live Arcade alone, as the game prepares for its launch on PC in May.

A blog post sends out several thank yous to the fans who made it possible, and plugs the upcoming PC version. "We're super excited to finally set the game free on all these other platforms," he said. "If you haven’t played it yet, I hope you will! (steal it if you must!)"

He concludes the note with a reference to the game's lengthy development time. "But most importantly, the success of the game is allowing me to take my time to consider my next move and spend years driving myself crazy trying to make something beautiful so you can run around in it. Something few of us can afford. Thank you for THAT."

Fish's comments once again mention other platforms, but so far only PC is announced. The PC version is set to hit on May 1.