Weekend Confirmed 160 - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

By Ozzie Mejia, Apr 12, 2013 11:00am PDT

All aboard the Blood Dragon hype train! This week, Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata welcome in Shacknews' Ozzie Mejia and The Escapist's Andrea Rene. The crew talks about Kickstarter and why some campaigns wind up more successful than others. There's also some talk about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Gears of War: Judgment, and the Company of Heroes 2 beta. Also, there's talk about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and a lot of love for the most recent trailer. After all that love, everyone welcomes in the weekend with a new slew of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 160: 4/12/2013

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  • There was a lot of discussion about Microsoft requiring an always on Internet connection for the next Xbox. It seems that Microsoft is beginning to rebuff the rumor, but I guess we will have to wait until May 21st to get the official word. However the current console generation did have an always on feature (Wii Connect, Playstation Plus and Xbox Live) each offering gamers the option of updating software, receiving notifications and downloading software while the console is in sleep mode. Until Microsoft issues an official statement as to whether or not the next Xbox will require an always on Internet connection, it seems like much to do about nothing.

  • I really enjoy the show and the fun and informative commentary on the video game industry. In your recent podcast (ep. 163) there was an interesting discussion regarding the inclusion of streaming services and social media apps in consoles and whether gamers wanted/needed those services in their gaming console. As I gamer, my primary use for my console is gaming, but on occasion I was want to watch a movie or listen to music so I will use my game console for entertainment versus gaming. Do you think the reason that the console manufactures include streaming services is to create a force of habit for gamers (hardcore and casual) to continually turn on their console in order to increase the chance that they will make impulse purchases to download software/movies as well as play games? Keep up the good work.

  • I really wish I could sit down and talk to Spicer about why he disliked Bioshock Infinite, because I feel like I could understand why he didn't like it and it still be compatible with why I love it so much.

    I think that the themes that the game sets up such as religion, American Exceptionalism, racism, and less talked about, class warfare, are used in a way that is far more realistic that usually found in games or any other media. This is literally the environment that you have found yourself in, it is made simply to be a setting for your story. This story doesn't have to culminate in you freeing all of the slaves while converting them all to atheism and renouncing the good of American society. The themes come back in more subtle ways. [SPOILERS AFTER THIS POINT] The racist element of of Columbia is mirrored back when you meet Daisy Fitzoy and the Vox, where they are just as awaree of the usefulness of Propoganda and manipulation of people. Religion becomes a large part of the ending, but it's not a criticism on the practices of religion, it is the question of what is redemption and can a person be a)Good without God, b)Evil with God, and also the value of the 'weight of sins' in a persons life. Booker seeks to redeem himself simply because he accepts that he has done bad things in the past and actively works to atone for them, whereas Comstock has forgotten his sins and is doomed to repeat them or even surpass them, because he has nothing holding him back.

    I think the best description I've heard in regards to Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite is that Bioshock is a game in which the story starts off small, and grows emmensely until by the end you have this Randian parable about humanity and it's search for genetic perfection. Infinite, on the other hand,is a game that starts with huge ideas (Religion, American Exceptionalism, Class Warfare, Quantum Physics) and it slowly draws itself in until, by the end, it is simply a story about a man in search of redemption for what he has done.[END SPOILERS]

    I completely agree that there are flaws in Bioshock Infinite. But most of them are in the realm of the gameplay, and yes, they are things that need to be criticized. The navigation tool is far too hand hold-y, the vigors feel a tad out of place, and it would be nice if the other characters were using them, and there are other problems. As someone who loves this game with his whole heart, I am more than welcoming to criticism of it, because it is not only a major game and story experience in and of itself, but it is also a great step towards where I want gaming to go in terms of story, character interaction, etc. And I think that the people at Irrational want to hear this things, too. They don't what their game to be bronzed and put on a pedestal as the pinnacle of gaming. I believe they want to hear these criticisms so that, next time along, they can work to fix what can be fixed, and fine tune what people loved.

    So, yes, I can understand people's problems, and almost none of the criticisms I've heard have made me say "no, you're wrong". But, after finishing it twice and starting again, I still think it is a fantastic storytelling achievement in gaming, despite its flaws.

  • So, not to brag or anything, but that shiny new copy of Soul Hackers makes the whole shelf look nicer.

    mmmmmmmmmm, Soul Hackers.

    Part of me wants to finish Etrian Odyssey 4 before jumping in, but I just can't wait that long. EO is wonderful, but I can come back to it later without feeling overly lost. Of course, Pokemon X/Y will probably be out by then, then Rune Factory 4. Then SMT IV, no word yet on whether Fantasy Life will get localized though, but I sure hope so.

    I feel sorry for you poor fools, stuck playing junk like Mass Effect and Skyrim. Okay, sorry, that's out of line, Mass Effect isn't that bad. :P

    but still, SOUL HACKERS!

  • I think a lot of people have a perception that only people in the middle of no where dont have broadband. Like when you guys were jokingly talking about the Dakotas, and that's not the case. I live in Virginia and have given up on having proper broadband.

    My area does have 4g (80$ for 10gb a month with a 10$ a gig overage), which Verizon considers good enough. I guess my point is, when polls of broadband coverage are done, I technically would be considered "covered". Our countries broadband coverage is not good enough for always online, but i'm worried Microsoft looking at the data may think it is.

  • I had seen somewhere a while ago that someone had been talking about Xbox doing a subscription based option the same way cell phones are done. I know nothing about actual pricing but lets say there would be a standard model for the regular price, say $500 and the subscription model for less, call it $200-$250 or whatever. The standard model would connect to Live through the standard yearly $60. The subscription model would be a monthly charge. Call it $10-$15 a month. This would give people the option to get the newest console right away for a more reasonable price. The fees they would be paying monthly for the service would more than make up the discount given on the cheaper model. I could see the subscription model having to have always on, like was mentioned in the cast, just so you couldn't get a console, cancel the service then keep using the machine. I wouldn't be surprised if the standard model wasn't an always on model. There would be no reason to have always on if you owned the machine outright. It would be stupid of Microsoft to do something that would alienate so many people.