Dark Souls 2 footage shows 12 minutes of gameplay

New gameplay footage from Dark Souls 2 has shown up showing dimly lit castles, bonfires, monsters and lots of combat. From Software Director Yui Tanimura and Namco Bandai's Tak Miyazoe takes us through the demo and talk about how the developer created the levels and the atmosphere the studio was trying to create in the new game. Oh, and lots of death.

The narrated footage from IGN first discusses the improved graphics for the game for more realism and immersion. They showed off a variety of monsters and the three-dimensions on dungeons. They discussed the use of torches to highlight monsters coming out of the darkness at you.

The combat system was also discussed, which brings back the simple controls of Dark Souls into the followup. The reaction of monsters was also addressed, such as when you sneak up on them, try to escape, or attack them when you think you are safely blocked off from them.

Finally, Tanimura said the player can experience a greater variety of deaths in the game, rather than a standard animation or two for dying. The idea behind the variations is a greater sense of satisfaction when an area is finally completed, Tanimura said.

All aspects of the demo emphasized getting the player more involved emotionally, something Tanimura said is very important for the sequel.

Also, check out the new trailer leaked by AllGamesBeta showing some new locations in the game below: