Shadowrun Returns coming in June with Steam Workshop

In a sizable databurst broadcast across cyberspace, Harebrained Schemes has revealed that its cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun Returns will launch in June on Steam, using the Steam Workshop to share what deckers make in its editor. The developer also shared a few plans for potential DLC, the state of the Linux edition, deadlines for pre-ordering the Collector's Edition, and what using Steam means for the promised DRM-free edition.

"We realize that for some of you, releasing on Steam isn't your first choice but there are a lot of really great things we get from this decision that allow us to focus on the game rather than on making things like backend servers to deploy and manage shared content," HareBrained Schemes said in a Kickstarter update. "From the start, we've had to make practical decisions like this one to ensure we get the most out of the support you've given us. We consider this to be the best option for everyone."

Backers will receive a Steam key to redeem Shadowrun Returns but, as a DRM-free edition was promised to people who backed the wildly successful campaign, HBS will release a downloadable version too. "It will be unable to browse and play community-created stories from within the game," HBS says, which is pretty obvious as that uses the Steam Workshop, but the post is frustratingly vague on whether you'll be able to download missions another way at all. HBS promises to address Steam concerns in an FAQ on Friday.

The DRM-free version won't get paid DLC, either. On that front, HBS plans to create official new DLC stories, new campaigns like the Berlin one that'll be free to Kickstarter backers, new packs of tiles and props to use in the editor, and extra character portraits and outfits. Missions made with content from DLC campaigns will only be playable by people who own them, though.

Let's get this great blob of data rolling. So! People who pledged $250 or above will get early access to the level editor from the end of April. Pre-orders for the $75 Collector's Edition with a dog tag-shaped USB thumb drive will end on April 28. Physical backer rewards will start shipping three weeks after the game launches. The Linux version still needs work so, as stated before, it'll launch a little later after the Windows and Mac editions.

That's about it for now. Here, rewatch the 19-minute gameplay trailer HBS released in March: