Metal Gear Rising Jetstream DLC out today for $10

As promised, the first real expansion pack for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is out today. The "Jetstream" DLC follows the exploits of Jetstream Sam in a side story that explains his origins and promises "multiple hours of gameplay."

Oddly, although the expansion was originally set to be $7, Konami has changed the price of the add-on to $9.99. You can pick it up on Xbox Live Marketplace now, or on PlayStation Store later today.


The next DLC, Blade Wolf, will be available in May.

Early impressions of Jetstream on NeoGAF reveal that the story content is a single chapter only, recycling the Sewers of Mexico and World Marshall HQ. There will be three bosses to fight in this chapter: another Metal Gear Ray UG, pre-Bladewolf LQ-84i, and Senator Steven Armstrong (ugh). Rounding out the "multiple hours of gameplay" are five additional VR Missions.

While Sam will play similarly to Raiden thanks to his Zandatsu and Blade Mode, he does have unique moves. You can see them in the trailer Konami released today. Look:

BOOM video 15119