F2P shooter Minimum announced by TimeGate

We've been through a retro pixel revival, but I fancy the return of a graphical style which means a lot more to me: big chunky old polygons. Right up my alley is Minimum, a free-to-play shooter from TimeGate studios, creator of the Section 8 games and, ah, co-developer of Aliens: Colonial Marines. But look, lovely big blocky robots and dinosaurs!

TimeGate is a little vague on what exactly Minimum is, describing the game simply as "a free-to-play shooter set in a uniquely stylized universe, where flaming katanas and 5-barrel rifles fit together in a collage of endless content diversity."

But isn't that enough? And as you can see in the announcement trailer, you get to shoot men and robots and dinosaurs while pretending you've turned all the graphics settings way down to try and squeeze a few more FPS out of your Voodoo 3 and turbo-overclocked Celeron processor.

An alpha version of minimum will launch through Steam's Early Access program on April 15. Hit the official site for more information.

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