Portalarium Kickstarter ends, over $2 million pledged in total

Yes, yes, people really are quite keen to see a new RPG from Ultima creator Richard 'Lord British' Garriott de Cayeux. Kickstarter crowdfunding for his new game, Shroud of the Avatar, wrapped up on Sunday just short of $2 million, and was pushed over that mark by direct pledges outside Kickstarter. As developer Portalarium originally sought only one million dollars, all sorts of futures have been bunged in through stretch goals.

The Kickstarter campaign ended on Sunday with $1,919,275. Pledging is still open on the official site though, bringing the total up to $2,060,204 as I write this.

Hitting that $2 million mark means the old-school RPG will boasts castles and keeps players and guilds can own, along with guild wars, guild housing, and other fancy features. Earlier stretch goals include boats, more quests, more areas to visit, more music, an underworld, a theater players can rent for performances, pets, playable instruments, and oh so much more.

If we're very lucky indeed, it may yet hit the $2.5 million goal to add mod tools.

Shroud of the Avatar is described as a "spiritual successor" to the Ultima series, with classless skills galore, player housing, and choices and consequences up the wazoo. You can play offline, online with friends, or a bit MMO-ish. Five full-length standalone episodes are planned, releasing yearly for PC, Mac and Linux, starting in October 2014.