130 million Rock Band songs downloaded, as DLC ends

"It was totally insane to expect people to drop $150 on a video game," Harmonix recounts as it releases a video in tribute of its final Rock Band DLC release. And yet, not only did millions of people join in on the Rock Band craze, they bought DLC. Lots of it.

According to new stats released by Harmonix, there were 130 million songs downloaded through Rock Band. Over 281 weeks, the Rock Band library expanded by 4,246, thanks to the combined efforts of Harmonix and the user-supported Rock Band Network.

"There are tons of people who told me they learned how to play guitar, drums, and piano because of our game," another employee states in the video. With 338 Pro tracks available in Rock Band 3, Rocksmith has a long way to go before it will be able to catch up.