Capcom kicks off kids initiative with Gaist Crusher

Capcom announced a new initiative on concept suited for children today, spearheaded by a new game called Gaist Crusher. The 3DS title is scheduled for release in Japan this winter, and is attempting to leverage Capcom's strength in producing the child-friendly action of Mega Man and the high-capacity multiplayer of Monster Hunter.

The announcement details Capcom's plans heavy cross-media support to launch the property, including manga in Japanese magazines, an anime project, music, and toys from Bandai. It notes that this will be an "expensive" project, so the company is investing heavily in making it a success. Capcom also shows its hand for how it hopes to appeal to kids, saying its targeting boys with an emphasis on armors, transformations, and collections. Those are all things boys tend to love, even if putting it in marketing speak makes it sound a bit sterile. The game has not been announced for North America.