Audio-only horror game Deep Sea released

So many fine-looking indie games pop up at games events but never get proper releases, leaving most of us gazing admiringly at photos and YouTube videos. Scratch one from your list of cool event-only games, as Robin Arnott has released Deep Sea, an audio-only sensory deprivation game which has you wear a blacked-out gas mask. You'll need to provide your own gas mask. Some assembly required.

Deep Sea drops you own in the dark ocean, where you rely entirely on sound. And where you are being hunted by a creature. Who can hear you breathing. Hey, hey, calm down! Yes, you can't see and your breathing is stifled by the suffocating mask and you can hear awful, eerie things, but you do have a gun. Not that it'll help much. Calm down!

Arnott released files and instructions for you to get Deep Sea up and running by yourself. All you'll need is a Mac, some microphones, a joystick, headphones, a glue gun, a gas mask, and some other bits and pieces. Easy!

The release comes as Arnott is trying to crowdfund a new sound-driven game, chant 'em up SoundSelf. With five days left to go, the Kickstarter campaign is eight thousand dollars short of its goal. You can download a prototype of the "euphoric exploration game", if you're curious.

Here's Deep Sea: