Chant 'em up SoundSelf hits Kickstarter

Hey, you! Want to see something weird? Download the prototype of SoundSelf, turn on your microphone, and embark upon a "sensual" adventure in the "euphoric exploration game controlled by chanting." Then whip out your credit card to chip in a few bucks to its crowdfunding campaign.

SoundSelf begins when you start chanting a note, causing the game to produce visualisations and noise of its own in response, which may thrill, delight, terrify, bore, amaze, arouse, or otherwise elicit some reaction from you, causing you to change your note, causing SoundSelf to change itself, causing... you get it. Grab the prototype from the Kickstarter page.

Here's a far more fanciful official description from the announcement:

You use your voice to explore a hypnotic world of sounds and visuals that feel like they are emerging directly from your body. Each tone will navigate you through strobing tunnels-of-light, impossible shapes, and into a meditative trance. The result is an elegant symmetry of image, sound and body: an entirely new experience of yourself and your world. Each play-through lasts one extremely intense hour.

It's the braingamebaby of Robin Arnott, sound designer on Antichamber and creator of the eerie Deep Sea, an audio-only game played with a gasmask peripheral.

Arnott has turned to Kickstarter to drum up $18,000 to continue development and make it more advanced. Right now, SoundSelf only analyses and responds to basic qualities of the noise emanating from your piehole, but Arnott wants it to consider rhythm, intensity, timbre and the like too, making things more intense and personal.

Pledging at least $15 will get you a copy of the PC, Mac and Linux game when it's finished.