Gears of War: Judgment free 'Haven' DLC out today

Why delay the inevitable? A stay of execution means nothing when you know they're baying for your blood and will take joy in extracting it with blade and boot. So, Lancers sharpened, Epic Games has released Gears of War: Judgment's free 'Haven' DLC a few days earlier than planned. The pack brings back the Execution multiplayer mode, along with new map Haven.

Execution is a team-based mode where players can only be properly killed if executed or hit with a one-shot kill weapon. Otherwise, they'll hop back up after a little crawling.

Both Haven and Execution have their own special playlists offering 200% XP for a bit.

At first, you'll need to download Haven directly from the Xbox dashboard or Marketplace web store, as the in-game prompt isn't working correctly. Epic says it'll be fixed "as soon as possible."