DmC Dante started out looking a lot like original Devil May Cry character

When Ninja Theory revealed the reimagined Dante to the world, fans didn't take kindly, loudly complaining and posting all sorts of nasty insecure and homophobic diatribe on the internet. Perhaps the biggest point of contention surrounding DmC was Dante's hair, which was no longer white like in Capcom's original Devil May Cry games. Oddly, the entire controversy could have been avoided if Capcom had accepted Ninja Theory's first attempts at making the character. Ninja Theory visual art director Alessandro Taini showed his earliest attempts at Dante, and they all featured white hair. Capcom wanted something entirely different, so the team decided to ask "why go with the white hair? It's such a key element of Dante, so why don't we go deep on that element and try to get the character out of that?" "So we started to draw him when he was a child," Taini explained. He wanted to "explain to the people why he has white hair," comparing Dante's story to that of Dexter from the Showtime TV series. Those that played through DmC will discover that the narrative does exactly that.

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