APB Reloaded dev crowdfunding stunt-tastic FPS

If wall-running in slow-motion as a punky lady with a katana in one hand and a machine pistol in the other sounds like your bag, have a gander at APB Vendetta. The folks behind the resurrected APB Reloaded are trying to crowdfund a side-diving, dual-wielding, combo-making, face-breaking FPS inspired by Mirror's Edge and mods like Action Half-Life and The Specialists. They need $300,000 of our money to do it and oh, it's tempting.

"Vendetta is first and foremost a game about swift and energetic movement," Reloaded Productions says in the Kickstarter campaign. "Run on walls, slow down time, kick weapons from the hands of opponents, throw katanas, smash through environmental objects, slide backwards while shooting and earn extra-points performing ultra-stylish take-downs."

Gosh, yes, that sounds awfully pleasant. Unlike the free-to-play APB Reloaded, Vendetta shall be a proper game you need to buy and everything. Reloaded says while F2P is "great for certain game types," it is "fully aware of that game types' strengths and weaknesses, especially in very competitive games. Hey, that also sounds good!

Reloaded plans to rent private servers, and these'll be able to host mods too if it reaches the $1 million dollar stretch goal for mod tools. Only a PC release is confirmed, but Reloaded hopes to make a PlayStation 4 edition too if Epic brings Unreal Engine 3 to PS4--and if it can raise the cash.

Pledging at least $25 will get you a copy of the finished game, slated to launch in June 2014. $39 or more will get you beta access from January too, and perks escalate with payment.

Speaking of The Specialists, some of the folks behind the Half-Life mod are trying to Kickstart a follow-up, but it's not going well.

Here's APB Vendetta's campaign video, which includes prototype gameplay from an old version of Unreal Engine 3--as used in APB Reloaded--rather than the shiny latest edition it plans to use.