Limbo creeps onto PS Vita

Playdead's critically acclaimed child death simulator Limbo is finally moving to handhelds. And no, the tricky platformer won't be on iOS or Android. According to IGN, it's coming to PS Vita.

Little else is known about the Vita version of the game, like release date or price. When the game moved to PS3, it added additional content not found in the Xbox 360 original. However, we'd fathom that cross-play and cross-buy features won't be included, given the port will come nearly two years after the original PlayStation Network release. (But, we can hope, of course.)

Update: Playdead told us that no additional content is being added for the Vita version and that cross-play features will not be supported. However, they did mention something of a PlayStation Plus promotion...

Limbo is the latest indie to get announced for Sony's handheld. Recent additions to the Vita library include The Walking Dead, Thomas Was Alone, and Machinarium.