Thomas Was Alone jumps to PS3 and Vita on April 30

The promised PlayStation 3 and Vita editions of charming minimalistic puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone will leap onto PlayStation Network on April 30, developer Mike Bithell has announced. Soon, consoleers too will get to learn about friendship between a group of plucky quadrilaterals.

Bithell issued a big fancy announcement about the European launch on April 24 but neglected to mention the colonies. After a little prompting, he confirmed on Twitter that yes, it'll be April 30 in North America. Oh, those wacky Brits! Looks like it'll be $10.

The PlayStation port is handled by Stealth Bastard developer Curve Studios.

"While the story suffers a bit at the tail end, Thomas Was Alone still proves to be an entertaining puzzle experience," our Ozzie wrote in his review of the original PC edition on Shack sibling-site Indie Games Channel. "There's enough to challenge your brain, but nothing overtly frustrating or time-consuming to be found. Anyone looking for a simpler puzzle game with a charming British accent will enjoy Thomas Was Alone."