Minecraft Xbox 360 update to add new behaviors, more loot

Minecraft has been hugely popular on the Xbox 360, thanks in part to a steady stream of updates that follow the PC version's lead. Title Update 9, said to be "coming soon," will create new end-game behaviors, alongside a ton of other additions and fixes.

PlayXBLA announced that TU9 will change the Enderdragon behaviors in The End, add climbable vines, gravel texture, and several items including a wooden button, item frames, spawn eggs, spruce slab, and nether bricks. You can also smelt a nether brick, find loot in Blacksmith buildings, and sheer a sheep more than once thanks to regrowing wool.

The update also fixes a crash related to attaching Glowstone to Pistons, a render update problem on the end of world chunks, and a crash that involved players throwing Enderpearls, among others. Check out the full patch notes for all the details.