DC Comics MOBA 'Infinite Crisis' announced

Yes, yes, you may be sick of games in the MOBA gold rush chasing the success of Dota 2 and League of Legends, but if I were to say you could play as Batman in one, wouldn't part of you be a little bit excited beneath the bewilderment? Well, you'll be able to in Infinite Crisis, a free-to-play Dote 'em up which draws characters from across the DC Comics Multiverse.

Infinite Crisis will bring heroes and villains together to push lanes and throw down, Warner Bros. announced today. As well as the main characters from the Prime world, we'll see counterparts from the steampunk Gaslight, supernatural Nightmare, and robotastic Mecha worlds.

As befits a super-powered dustup, you'll be able to mess up and reshape the environment by doing things like throwing cars and calling down meteors. WB also teases "map-altering events."

A peek at the announcement screenshots and character list suggest it follows the LoL model of one passive skill and four active, plus another two skills from a pool any hero can use. The map shown also resembles LoL's Dominion mode arena.

It may sound quite an odd idea but so did Monolith's Bat-FPS Gotham City Impostors, and our Steve certainly had fun with that. WB's already dabbled in licensed MOBAs too, turning The Lord of the Rings into Guardians of Middle Earth.

Developed by The Lord of the Rings Online maker Turbine, Infinite Crisis is slated to launch on PC later this year. Check the official site for more info and to sign up for the beta.

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