Splinter Cell Blacklist walkthrough sneaks, stalks, and kills

Okay, maybe you're wary of the Splinter Cell series after Conviction strayed too far from its sneaky roots, but Splinter Cell Blacklist is looking a bit better. A new gameplay walkthrough demonstrates three ways to approach the same mission: unseen; stalking; and all-out super-violent man-killing. Or, to use Ubisoft's terminology, Ghost, Panther, and Assault.

The mission sees Sam Fisher infiltrating an abandoned mill to find bad men or whatever it is super-spies do. He'll have to deal with radar-blocking tech specialists, get to play with remote drones and other fancy toys, and kill (or not kill) men as he sees fit.

Our Andrew played Blacklist recently, commenting "While Blacklist largely continues the blueprint established by Conviction, I do appreciate Ubisoft Toronto's attempt to sate every type of player."

Splinter Cell Blacklist sneaks onto PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 30.

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