Secret Ponchos swaggering onto consoles

If you fancy yourself something of a rootin', tootin', whip-crackin', quick-drawin', hard-ridin', sassin', sarsaparilla-sippin', wild-westin', justice-evadin'... sorry, where am I? Right, video games, yes. Oh! Yes. Indie posse Switchblade Monkeys has revealed Secret Ponchos, a multiplayer top-down gunfight 'em up aiming for a download release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year.

Secret Ponchos will have you romping around in the jingly-jangly boots of a wild west outlaw, shooting men (and women!) in the face for entertainment. Each player class has its own weapons and abilities, including special skills and melee attacks.

"Secret Ponchos was created by a new development philosophy," said Switchblade Monkeys creative director Yousuf Mapara--formerly art director at Prototype dev Radical Entertainment.

"Instead of following a business-oriented studio model, we just set out make the game the way a group of friends gets together to form a rock band, and to see how far we can take it. If we make something we love, put our all into it every day and enjoy the creative process, hopefully we will make something others like, too."

Secret Ponchos is hoping to hit XBLA and PSN later this year, but you can play it this weekend if you're at PAX East.