Shack PSA: 7 Wadjet adventure games from $5

Wadjet Eye Games has done fine work to keep adventure games, publishing and also developing many respectable click 'em ups. If you've been stuck under a rock, perhaps trying bizarre combinations of items in your pockets to lift it, you can now pick up a healthy chunk of Wadjet's catalog for an Abe. A new pay-what-you-want bundle offers seven games published by Wadjet for as little as $5, including sci-fi noir Gemini Rue and Resonance.

For a minimum of $1, the Groupees bundle offers Joshua Nuernberger's grimy Gemini Rue and Erin Robinson's cheery Puzzle Bots. If you pay at least $5, you'll also receive Vince Twelve's Resonance--one of Jeff Mattas's favourite indie games of 2012--and the four current games of Wadjet's own supernatural Blackwell series.

All games come DRM-free, and with Steam keys too if you fancy.

The deal ends at midnight on Friday, so start scraping your pennies together.

Look, here's a trailer for Resonance:

BOOM video 12790