TY the Tasmanian Tiger makes unexpected return to Windows 8

Remember when cartoon mascot platformers were a dime a dozen? Oddly, one of these ancient relics is making an unexpected return.

Krome Studios' Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is getting a sequel, this time for Windows 8 PC and tablet devices. First jumping onto the gaming scene in 2002, three games were produced in the franchise during the PS2 era of games.

The franchise has been dormant since Ty 3's release in 2005, until Krome Studios revived the character last year in an iOS game called Boomerang Blast.

The upcoming "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger" game for Windows 8 devices will be published by Microsoft, and will feature 30 levels of 2D platforming--a departure from the franchise's typical 3D fare. It's "coming soon," and will likely be distributed exclusively through the Windows Store.