Dropchord announced from Double Fine, Leap Motion

Double Fine has announced its next game project, and it's about as far from the studio's signature quirky-humor style as you can get. The title is Dropchord, a rhythm score challenge being developed in conjunction with the Leap Motion controller and Dracogen. The game is targeting a release later this year on Windows and Mac (with Leap Motion) and on iOS devices.

The game will launch first on Leap Motion's own Airspace store. The game will debut this weekend at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, and then Double Fine will show it off at PAX East in Boston. The game is fast-paced and focuses on music and visual effects, and it's being headed up by the Kinect Party team according to the announcement.

For the uninitiated, the Leap Motion controller is a 3D motion control device that tracks hand and finger movement. The company plans to start shipping it in May. You can learn more at the Leap Motion's official site.