Deadpool trailer is layered with meta

The Marvel comics character Deadpool has the unique distinction of being self-aware that he's inside a comic book. He'll crack inside jokes, read other characters' thought bubbles, and so on. When it comes time to make a trailer for the upcoming video game from High Moon Studios, the obvious course of action is to take that seed of meta and grow it into a full-blown crazy tree.

The new trailer, which came alongside a PlayStation Blog post to usher in the uninitiated, takes that self-awareness to a new layer. Not only is Deadpool conscious of being adapted into a video game, he's also fully aware of High Moon making a trailer to promote his video game. The trailer acts as if Deadpool himself is directing it, and the result is what you might expect from the character: obnoxious, loud, and boorish. We mean that in the nicest possible way.

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