Retro/Grade coming to PC March 20

The previously PlayStation 3-only Retro/Grade is coming to PC on March 20. The game treats your spaceship's shots like musical notes as time moves backwards, making you "un-fire" the shots to the music to avoid ripping apart space-time. In other words, it's a clever rhythm gaming device.

The official site (via Joystiq) announced the date. It will be released on Steam, and will support PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii guitar controllers. The game received generally positive reviews.

Today's PC announcement didn't mention a price, but it launched at $9.99 so that's a fair bet for Steam as well. If you're platform agnostic and want a cheap option, the game is still on sale on the PlayStation Store. It's $3.49, or $2.44 for Plus members.

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