Gears of War: Judgment mini-campaign Aftermath connects to Gears 3

Gears of War: Judgment packs an unlockable mini-campaign that ties into the end of Gears of War 3, Microsoft revealed during a Gears of War livestream event over the weekend. 'Aftermath' is unlocked by completing the main campaign particularly skilfully and stylishly, and fills in what Baird and Cole got up to at the end of Gears 3.

Aftermath will tell what happened when Baird and Cole split away from Marcus and Dom to go find supplies, shortly before the dynamic duo assaulted Azura. Gosh, what an adventure it'll turn out to be, with all sorts of people to meet and monsters to shoot.

To unlock it, though, you'll need to be a good little COG. Aftermath is unlocked by collecting all the 'stars' from the main campaign. Players are rewarded stars for headshots, executing enemies, staying on your feet, and other typical markers of playing well, but also get bonus points for playing the 'Declassified' versions of missions, which amp up the difficulty. For example, the Declassified version of one mission throws up great clouds of dust, and sends the Locust charging in to cut you down.

Gears of War Judgement arrives on Xbox 360 on March 19, developed by People Can Fly.

You can rewatch the event from the Xbox dashboard and Microsoft will surely properly release the big reveal trailer soon but, for now, one YouTube user captured the trailer: