Anomaly 2 bringing more tower offense

Defending towers is so passé; let them burn! Heck, raze them yourself! No, tower offense is where 'it' 'is at', and Anomaly: Warzone Earth developer 11 Bit Studios is delivering another dose of path-pushing action with Anomaly 2. Announced yesterday, the sequel's coming to PC, Mac and Linux some time from April to June.

While Warzone Earth showed first contact with invading aliens, it's all but over in Anomaly 2. You'll be leading convoys through an occupied earth, dodging or destroying towers in your way. Oh, it all sounds very grim, but every unit can now morph into a fancy mech form so at least humanity will go out with a bang.

Anomaly 2 also brings a new multiplayer tower offense vs. tower defense mode, along with a tarted-up graphics engine and multiple endings. Look, a mostly-cinematic announcement trailer:

BOOM video 14823