Natural Selection 2 'Gorgeous' update hatches today

A hefty update for Natural Selection 2 hatches today, bringing everything from bug fixes and a new map to exosuit railguns and hordes of screeching deathbugs. Developer Unknown Worlds describes the free 'Gorgeous' update as "much bigger" than any since its October launch. To top it all off, the FPS-RTS will be half-price this weekend.

Gorgeous, as its name may suggest, brings real treats for the Gorge class. It can now build tunnels connecting two places, which both aliens and marines alike can enter by squeezing through the moist sphincters. Also, its Babblers ability is back, spawning cute little exploding deathbugs, which the Gorge can order around or attach to other aliens as armour. Babblers were pulled from the original Natural Selection mod years ago as they were comically stupid and overloaded servers, but now they're back! Huzzah.

Not to reel off features or anything, but Gorgeous also brings improved graphics with bullet holes, blood splats and shiny reflections, a new map 'Descent', a tutorial system, bug fixes, map and weapon balance tweaks, improved spectating, and railguns for the marine exosuit.

The update will go live at 3pm PST, at which time it'll also go half-price on Steam.

We have some Gorgeous screenshots, and here's the trailer:

BOOM video 14828