Skullgirls crowdfunding new characters

The fighting game community is known to be passionate, but punching men in the face is often overshadowed by shooting men in the face. In case you needed a reminder that yes, they're out there and, goodness yes, they're loyal to games, look at how Skullgirls crowdfunded $150,000 in less than one day to create a new DLC character.

Skullgirls has bounced back nicely since last year, after developer Reverge Labs laid off the team behind it in June. The gang reformed as new studio Lab Zero Games and are currently working on the impending PC edition, but wanted to work on DLC characters too. The first character, Squigly, was only one-third finished when Reverge gave them the boot, so they launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to finish her up. This goal was hit in less than one day, soon followed by a stretch goal to make a new stage and story campaign for her too.

With 29 days left to run, Lab Zero has already raised over $200,000. At $375,000 it'll commit to adding Skullgirls' first male character, the human saxophone Big Band. Come $600,000, fans will get to vote on a third new character to add.

Any DLC characters funded by this campaign will initially be free to everyone once they're finished--for the first three months--then go up to $5.

Pledging at least $30 will a Steam code for the upcoming PC release, PC beta access, a Leviathan parasite hat for Team Fortress 2, and more.