Runner2 trailer heralds this week's launch

Gaijin Games has been curiously coy about the launch of BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, having confirmed only the PC edition's release date prior to this morning. Still, it's spoken up now, revealing that the sequel to BIT.TRIP RUNNER will hit Wii U alongside PC tomorrow, then dash onto Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday. The PS3 and Vita editions will follow a bit later. Hey, there's a new trailer too, come watch!

"PSN will likely be happening a tiny bit after Wii U, Steam, and XBLA," Gaijin said on Twitter. "We don't have a final date yet, but likely next week." It'll run to both PlayStation 3 and Vita.

If you missed the Runner instalment of BIT.TRIP, it's an auto-running rhythm game, where you need to jump, slide, attack, block and whatnot in time to funky beats.

Runner2 will cost $15. Steam's offering a 10% pre-order discount, making it $13.49, plus a copy of BIT.TRIP RUNNER and some snazzy sneakers for Team Fortress 2's Scout and Demoman.

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