Zynga shutters Baltimore studio, consolidates others

Following a string of layoffs and managerial shuffling, Zynga has shut down one studio and consolidated the work force of various others. The move impacts approximately 30 people, which is only about 1% of its total workforce.

VentureBeat reports that the Baltimore studio shut down, following news that its leader Brian Reynolds had resigned. Meanwhile, the company consolidated the two studios in Austin into one, the two in New York into one, and moved the McKinney, Texas studio to join the one in Dallas.

Most of the layoffs are to the Baltimore staff, and a Zynga spokesperson said the company is trying to find other jobs within the company for Baltimore staff.

This is just the latest in a long series of unfortunate events for Zynga, following a major stock hit, subsequent class action suit and investigation into insider trading, and an infringement suit. We've also seen the resignations of John Schappert and Mike Verdu, along with prior layoffs.