Dota 2 adds player-created in-game guides

You ruined everything, idiot. Uninstall Dota 2 now. Then take your hard drive out and beat yourself around the face and genitals with it. Then kill yourself. In real life. Or, pop up a player-written skill build and guide for your character in-game, pick up a few tips, and turn to bravely to face the terrifying and thrilling challenges of Dota. Thursday's patch integrated player-written hero build guides, which you can access while playing with the click of a button. They offer advice on which skills to select when, how to use them, which items to buy, and general strategy. Valve recently added player-written guides to Steam, but these are actually integrated into the game rather than simply being accessible through the Steam overlay. Players can vote on guides, filtering out the good from bad. Er, once the novelty wears off voting up comedy guides to attain the 'lulls' I hear young folk are so keen on. If you've got some knowledge to drop, go create a guide. Thursday's patch also brought a few tweaks, so check the changelog.

One player's guide to Mirana, selected from a list of many