Valve launches player-written Steam Guides

One day, you'll be able to download groceries through Steam, ingesting the nutrients through a Steam Port at the base of your spine. While Valve is forever expanding the platform in pleasing ways, it's not quite there yet. Still, you can now read and write game guides on Steam, hosted on the Steam Community. This'll likely tie into the hints we've seen of in-game Dota 2 guides, then.

Everyone Steam accounts can write Steam Guides for any software on Steam, jamming in images, videos or tables to make it all shiny like. The Steam Overlay now has a section for guides so you can quickly check things in-game, or you can casually browse from any game's Community Hub.

It seems Valve will tie guides in deeper to some games, though. Dota data digger Cyborgmatt's latest patch rummage shows hooks for pop-up guides with tabs for skill builds and suggested items. Given how complex the game is, it's a fine idea to help players learn 'new' heroes. It's not hard to imagine this being rolled into the Steamworks API for all developers to use if they fancy.

In this rapidly-changing guide environment, I just don't know what to do with my million-dollar idea of having Shakira write a video game tips column named My Tips Don't Lie. Gutted.