Spelunky XLBA DLC packs add new explorers, arenas

If procedurally-generated levels in Spelunky aren't variation enough for you, you can now buy DLC packs for the XBLA edition to add more characters to go exploring with, from robots to vikings, and a load of new crafted deathmatch arenas in which to murderise your chums. Released on Wednesday, they only cost a tidy 160 Microsoft Points ($2 each).

The Explorers DLC adds eight new characters: the Eskimo, the Robot, the Viking, the Round Girl, the Round Boy, the Cyclops, the Ninja, and the Golden Monk. They're all playable in both Adventure and Deathmatch modes.

The Arenas DLC, meanwhile, adds 24 new arenas for Spelunky's Deathmatch mode. "These chaotic death traps offer up all kinds of devious ways to kill or be killed, from sacrificial altars to perilous bee hives," says the description.

DLC: it's a thing you can buy and download.