Watch Dogs also confirmed for Wii U

Ubisoft had hinted at a Wii U edition of open-world hack 'em up Watch Dogs before, but only formally confirmed it last night alongside the announcement of a PlayStation 4 version. No, obviously it didn't drop this news during Sony's big shindig, but in a press release afterwards.

One can guess at special Wii U GamePad functions it'll have, but the confirmation itself is the only solid detail we have. The announcement merely listed Wii U as a platform, alongside PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PS3. It'll be a PS4 launch title this holiday season. Doubtless it'll be coming to Microsoft's new console too, whenever that's announced.

Watch Dogs stars a vigilante in super-connected society, hacking into everything from bank accounts and security cameras to road barriers and trains in his mission to stop naughty men from being naughty. It's okay when he steals money, though. Here's the demo Ubisoft showed last night:

BOOM video 345