Halo 4's Majestic map pack hits February 25

Good grief, you got a whole new Halo only three months ago, not to mention a DLC map pack a month later, yet you already want more? Luckily Microsoft and 343 Industries have anticipated your shameless greed and today announced the second Halo 4 DLC pack, named Majestic, will hit on February 25 with more maps and a new mode.

The three new multiplayer maps are Landfall, set in a city under Covenant attack, open asteroid arena Monolith, and a rooftop rumble in Skyline. They're said to all be small to mid-sized, and come on new 8 player free-for-all and 4v4 team playlists. Check the trailer for a peek at them.

And here's how Microsoft describes the new Infinite Rumble mode:

It is a free-for-all game type where players can earn personal ordnance; all special medal and style kills help you earn ordnance faster, and you can also earn assists off of enemy players for even more medal points. Players must carefully conserve and use their ordnance at just the right moment, or combine power-ups with power weapons in the race to be first. Every kill, and every death counts in Infinity Rumble, and this is reflected with a slower spawn time in the free-for-all matches.

Majestic will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10), or comes with the DLC season pass.

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