Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen trailer reveals chest-bursters

Funny places, dungeons. With bags of magic and ancient artifacts strewn around the place, strange things can happen to whatever's living there. The finest product of this peculiar evolutionary environment is monsters which lurk in wooden chests, just waiting for greedy adventurers to stroll past, and a new trailer shows you'll find those in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Yes, yes, giants and sirens and leeches and big skellingtons and whatnot too, but chest monsters.

Dark Arisen, if you'd forgotten, is the expanded version of Dragon's Dogma, containing an expansion-sized amount of new world, monsters, items and features along with the original game. It's coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation on April 23, priced at $39.99. It can import saves from the original, and people who bought that will get bonus in-game items too.

Today's new trailer shows off a few of those new enemies, which the Capcom blog confirms as Death, Pyresaurians, Worms, Maneaters, Strigoi, Skeleton Brutes, Sirens, the Eliminator, Gore Cyclops, and, yes, beautiful beautiful Maneaters.

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