Report: Mass Effect 3 'Reckoning' DLC details leaked

BioWare is revving up the engines for its next bit of Mass Effect 3 downloadable content, having recently teased it with a pair of screenshots. A title update has now reportedly leaked some more details, including an intriguing multiplayer mode that brings in progress from the single-player campaign.

Eurogamer reports that a Clevernoob forum user data mined the update, which hints at a multiplayer mode that uses your campaign save data to factor in your paragon/renegade values, reputation points, and game progress. The details align with a Reddit leak, which promised co-op story missions, a new co-op mode, four new maps, and harder variations on earth maps.

A greater focus on story would make sense of BioWare's remarks that all eight writers are chipping in for this one. These details aren't confirmed, but BioWare has had several of its Mass Effect 3 DLC packs leaked from data mining in the past. The company is expected to share more details later this month, as we approach the one-year mark since the release of the game.