Cities in Motion 2 trailer debuts gameplay

If the new SimCity has you all excited about urban planning, but it's public transportation that really gets your mojo working, the first trailer for Cities in Motion 2 may be up your street. The sim charges players with planning and running cities' transportation networks, and may introduce American audiences to exotic European concepts like "trains."

The sequel introduces multiplayer, day and night cycles, timetables, and dynamic cities.

"The player's actions in building the transportation network will affect how the city grows," publisher Paradox explains, "with affordable transportation spawning middle class housing and work places, and more expensive and delicate choices bringing in demanding business people." My dream monorail network will surely attract data runners, cyborg mercenaries, information brokers, and other assorted cyberpunks, then.

Cities in Motion 2 is coming to PC and Mac this spring, developed by Colossal Order.

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