Gears of War: Judgment getting multiplayer demo

A multiplayer demo for Gears of War: Judgment will launch alongside the Xbox 360 exclusive on March 19, Microsoft announced today, showcasing its new class-based competitive 'OverRun' mode. Pre-ordering from GameStop will net you a few days' early access to the demo, with progress carrying over into the full game.

Details on what exactly the demo contains are a mystery for now, as the announcement focuses mostly on the marketing promotion with GameStop. Handy, that.

Yes, GameStop pre-orderers get demo access from March 15, plus an exclusive Young Marcus skin and Lambent weapons for multiplayer.

Our Steve enjoyed playing OverRun in his preview, and it's nice that the demo will show off something actually new to Judgement from new co-developer People Can Fly. We can fill in the blanks for the campaign ourselves: run around, ducking behind waist-high cover, popping up to shoot periodic spawns of enemies and growl macho slogans.

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