Defiance special editions announced

The first Defiance beta ran its course a few days ago, and if it convinced you to get the game you might want to pay a little extra for some bonuses. Trion Worlds has unveiled two physical special editions, one digital special edition, and some pre-order goodies for the free-to-play title.

The official site outlines the different sets. A Standard Edition is $59.99 regardless of platform, but it comes with two postcards if you get the physical copy. The Deluxe Digital edition is $99.99, and comes with a 30-day XP and Scrip boost, Lock Box, unique vehicle color, +5 Inventory Space, and a special outfit, rocket launcher, and shield. The similarly priced $99.99 Collector's Edition for physical copies comes a bonus DVD and soundtrack, art book, collector's box, postcards, stickers, a Hellbug figurine, and an in-game title, along with an outfit, rocket launcher, and shield. The trade-off for these physical items is that, as opposed to the digital copy, you only get 7 days of boosts and no lock box.

The truly obsessive could order the Ultimate Edition, an exclusive for GameStop, at $149.99. It includes all the extras from the Collector's Edition, plus the lock box, an exclusive in-game title, a messenger bag, DLC Season Pass, and 1200 "Bits" (in-game currency).

Pre-orders are now open as well, and the bonuses include an Outlander outfit, 3 day XP boost, an in-game title, retailer-specific weapons, and guaranteed beta access.